Spokane, WA

McKenna Brassfield 


Spokane, WA

McKenna Brassfield 

I'm McKenna Brassfield 

Hey  Gorgeous

I'm addicted to milk

I'm about to have my first baby (fingers crossed she is a redhead!)

   My husband still hasn't been able to count all my freckles  

For the joyful bride that is excited for her forever!

Meet Me

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My Story

WHY: I have always enjoyed doing photography as a hobby, it wasn't until I realized how awkward I feel in front of a camera that I had a desire to learn how to coach couples to look Natural, Flattering, and Gorgeous in their pictures. 

HOW: My new excitement for Photography and working with couples led me to the windy city of Chicago, where I worked hard to save up enough money with my husband to buy all new professional gear along with several courses that helped me create a posing, shooting, and editing system that I have fallen in love with!

NOW: My dreams have come true as I have been able to work with amazing people and create light, and airy images that embrace the love people have for each other. 

Let's be honest, who loves to be in front of a camera?
Yet, we all want gorgeous pictures! Let me put your fears of un-flattering or awkward pictures to rest.


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