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Spokane, WA

McKenna Brassfield 

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I'm McKenna , a wedding photographer now based in Spokane Washington! I love sharing more from a session, stories, and more about my life. I'm so excited that your here! 

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Marissa & Josh

I almost passed up on my husband. I was sitting in the back of a class of 50 college students in Psychology 111 and wasn’t as entertained by the class as I thought I would be. I decided to change something. In order to not fall asleep, I walked all the way to the front and sat by a stranger. My first impression of said stranger was that he looked like a skater dude who naturally was very shy, but for some reason decided to go out of the way to shake my hand, introduce himself, and ask several questions about me. Clayton has very white skin, jet black hair, piercing blue eyes that have little white streaks in them that look like your jumping at light speed from Star Wars! At the time, I had my hopes set on someone else to date in the future which blocked me from seeing my knight in shining armor sitting right by me who seemed like your average caucasian male. After friend zoning Clayton twice and confirming that Mr. So&So I was waiting to date was not “Mr. right”, I started dating Clayton. I look back now and get scared to think of how close I was to missing out on the most amazing person I have ever met! On the outside, Clayton looked like your normal dark haired college student and If God didn’t give me a little nudge I could have easily overlooked him and sat somewhere else in Psych class.

I asked this gorgeous couple – Marissa and Josh – if there was a specific moment when they knew they had found their future spouse. They both turned towards each other and agreed that it came with time. Knowing was a process. There was no one moment when they had a magical light bulb turn on but it was a group of moments that added up and built the foundation for their future family. Gradually they learned more and more about the other and couldn’t stand to be apart.

If any of my lovely readers are still in their journey of finding their future spouse, remember that Happily Ever After’s don’t always appear the pre-destined way you always imagined. Your “Mr. right” could be a kid in your college class or someone you wouldn’t typically think of to date. A great resource to having a successful relationship is by following the RAM plan mentioned in John Van Epp’s “How to Avoid Falling in Love With a Jerk”. The title is cheezie, but this book is amazing!! Use is It to build the foundation for your future families by first knowing a person then trusting them, committing to them, relying on them and finally touching them!


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