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I'm McKenna , a wedding photographer now based in Spokane Washington! I love sharing more from a session, stories, and more about my life. I'm so excited that your here! 


Joycie’s Blessing

My mask was scratchy. When I sang the hymns, my breath made my makeup sticky and smudge. But, I was surrounded by my family and my baby girl was finally blessed while dressed in white.
COVID makes life weird. Church is weird, shopping is weird, it’s just so different. not even COVID could ruin Joycie’s blessing day!
Growing up I loved seeing babies get blessed at church. The father would stand up from one of the pews and walk to the front of the congregation with his baby dressed in white. Then he would pronounce a blessing upon the baby – from God – and after the blessing was finished he would raise his baby so that the congregation could see him or her. It reminds me of a “lion king” kind of moment if you know what I mean! All my life, I have dreamed of when I would be able to hear my child’s blessing and see my husband lift them, and then – COVID happened. But you know what? It was perfect! Last-minute we were still able to have it at the church building and my family came up to!
Clayton holds the priesthood or power of God. All men in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints that keep themselves worthy can be “holders” of this power. And with it, through tears, he pronounced in Joycie’s baby blessing that Joyce would one day be loved and cared for by her eternal companion.
My heart stopped a little. One day I’m going to be letting someone else take care of my little girl? How. How am I going to be able to let someone else love her and take care of her? I have no idea. I’ll cross that bridge when it comes. However, It helps to know that God is always watching out over all of us, and somewhere in the world, her husband is being watched over to.
Usually, babies that get blessed at church are just that, little. Not my Joyce. Instead of the cute 9-pound baby, she could’ve been, COVID + a smidge of me procrastinating, forced her to be a 3 month 15-pound chunky monkey! But hey, she fits better in her blessing dress and – BONUS – I even got her to smile and interact with me in her dress for pictures afterward.
Finding Joyce’s blessing dress was a hot mess. I have always loved the idea of sewing my own. But, my life’s journey does not include the talent of sewing. So, Amazon it is! I like to believe I am a professional Amazon shopper. I could be on Amazon for hours at a time if I wanted to be! After scrolling and scrolling, and reading review after review, I FOUND IT. Her Boho trimmed white lace blessing dress was HALF the price of most of the other dresses I thought looked “okayish”.
So Overall, I LOVED IT. Every caption to each one of these images should say “I am a child of God, and he has sent me here.” My little family is my world!


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