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McKenna Brassfield 

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I'm McKenna , a wedding photographer now based in Spokane Washington! I love sharing more from a session, stories, and more about my life. I'm so excited that your here! 


Jordan’s Downtown Spokane Senior Session

My battery was at 6%. “Maybe I can rent one of those lime scooters and get to them faster.” I began to download the app and then my phone jumped to 2%. NOPE. I started walking faster, not knowing if I was even going in the right direction. The sun was going fast and for my last attempt, I prayed! It was a quick prayer, but I asked God to help me find my client, Jordan. Thirty seconds later, I found him and his mom, Stephanie! If my phone had died, there would have been no way for me to let them know what had happened. So, learn from me. Never, EVER, leave for a session without your phone charged all the way. Also, buy a portable charger for situations where your battery goes really fast!

We started Jordan’s session at Manito Park, in Spokane, and right from the beginning we hit it off. Jordan’s going into his Senior year during Covid! Can you imagine your Senior year during a pandemic!? He told me how lame it was going to be to not have everything be “normal”. He probably won’t be able to do any dances. No prom. No homecoming. However, its still SENIOR YEAR! And he is excited!

After Manito, we headed to downtown Spokane, (where I got very lost) and ended right in front of the iconic pavilion at Riverfront Park. I have never been that close to the pavilion! It was completely lit up and changing colors; It was amazing! Overall, talking with Jordan felt like talking with my little brother Rush, we both just clicked.

Usually senior boys aren’t too excited about getting their pictures done – and I wouldn’t say Jordan was ecstatic – but he was open to being weird in front of the camera and the people passing by! He was even a natural at following my “laugh forward” prompt! It was so much fun exploring Spokane with a new friend.



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