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I'm McKenna , a wedding photographer now based in Spokane Washington! I love sharing more from a session, stories, and more about my life. I'm so excited that your here! 


Nathan’s Hood River Oregon Senior Session

What if mom & son aren’t seeing eye to eye on outfits? She has a nice button-up shirt with dress slacks in mind, and he is thinking of Nike sweats with a comfortable t-shirt! Both outfits seem perfect to the other, but the surprise will be what he ends up wearing for his session. Here are some tips and tricks to help out in the outfit department. First, Education!

Educating senior boys about the benefits of wearing “fancier” clothing is key. For one, these pictures can be used for future jobs, resumes, and even college applications. So maybe send a senior boy style guide to your client that highlights these benefits (I’m in the middle of making my own right now!). Help your senior boy clients make the connection that their pictures can be used for more than updating their Instagram or Tinder accounts. Looking professional isn’t only about pleasing mom. It’s about your future! Second, give options.

If this isn’t selling them then give options of multiple outfits. Mom picks out one, and son picks out the other. This way both get to have images in the outfits they want. I always suggest having two outfits anyways to add more variety to the session. Usually one more casual, and the other fancy. Have the son pick out the more casual and Mom picks out dressy! It’s a win-win! Lastly, use photoshop.

For Nate’s senior session, he had his Nike Sweats and comfortable t-shirt in mind for his outfit. Since mom wanted senior pictures for him but wasn’t loving his outfit, I used photoshop to give them both what they wanted. Nate’s shirt had a distracting logo on it, so for his mom’s gallery, I took the logo off of his shirt while Nate’s gallery had the logo stay. It took some extra time, but it was worth it! Want to know how to do it?

Quickly upload your images to photoshop. Next, use the lasso tool to draw a circle around whatever you are trying to “erase.” Then click – EDIT – FILL – make sure “content aware” is selected and then apply! BOOM. Logo gone.
Logo gone or not, Nate looked AMAZING and was great at his session! I think his biggest struggle was trying not to smile too big when I asked him to look past my shoulder at his girlfriend. Overall, I loved meeting him and taking pictures at the place I grew up as a kid!


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