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McKenna Brassfield 

Spokane, WA

McKenna Brassfield 

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I'm McKenna , a wedding photographer now based in Spokane Washington! I love sharing more from a session, stories, and more about my life. I'm so excited that your here! 


Emily & Andy’s Riversong Ranch Wedding

“The raptors are coming” Emily shouts! I hurry and grab the rest of the food I’d been gathering and run to the shed. Emily and I use all our strength to close the door so we don’t get eaten. It finally shuts! “That was close,” I say, luckily we had gathered enough food for winter.

Being a princess is a lot of hard work. Especially when you have to gather the dead grass around your best friends yard to store for the cold months. THIS is a game my best friend Emily and I used to play growing up. Since kindergarten, we’ve stayed in touch over the years and now my favorite princess is married! Last weekend Andy stole her away to the pear orchard I grew up in and made her a queen.

Even though it seemed to be the windiest day EVER, it was wonderful! It was simple but elegant with the sage and white color palette and the long ball gown wedding dress. My favorite part was watching Andy lose it when he saw his wife walking up to him at the altar. They both had tears in their eyes as they spoke their vows. Sounds weird to say I love seeing my couples cry, but happy tears on wedding days are the best.  Clayton and I are so lucky to call Emily & Andy our best friends!





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