McKenna Brassfield 

Idaho Wedding Photographer

I'm McKenna.

I'm a Wedding photographer, wife, mama, and amazon expert

I help Joyful Brides who want Bright, Fresh and Elegant Images 

How it all started...

Full time student. No website. No social media. Just a dream.

My Business officially got started while going to College for Photography. I wanted to start my business, and thought I could kill two birds with one stone, by doing an entrepreneur internship and getting school credit for doing something that I love! So that's what I did.

Then I got pregnant...

What a wonderful surprise and momentum stopper. After working very hard for one dream, my dreams switched and my focus went to trying not to get too sick at my day job while being a full-time student. 

Life now!

Thankfully, I graduated. I moved away from Idaho then back. And now that Joyce is here, I'm taking pictures again! 

Papa Murphy's . Broulim's Sushi . Lara Bars . 

Papa Murphy's

Broulim's Sushi

Lara Bars 

Food I live by

Tru fru's chocolate raspberries


The office, duh

TV Show:

My Favorite Things

Oregon Coast 

Vacay Spot:



Best Amazon purchase

How many freckles


Favorite Jim Prank

Magic Beans

Favorite Fruit


My Love story Timeline

with Clayton Brassfield


I met him in psych 111


I friend zoned him twice

Januaray 2017

I changed my mind and started dating him


He proposed to me with a ring pop! I was very surprised

October 2017

Got married to the man of my dreams a few days short of our first date


Finally got pregnant after trying for 8 months!

April 2020

Baby Joyce was born, a chunky 9 pound baby


We're even more in love than ever and adore our baby girl!

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