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Marriages and families are under attack! That's why my husband is going on to Grad school to learn how to protect them better as a counselor, and I'm working with couples to prepare them for the biggest decision of their lives!!

Planning the wedding is so much fun! However, I've seen to many gorgeous couples get overwhelmed with planning the details of ONE day and forgetting to plan their marriage that lasts FOREVER! 

 A Marriage is a living breathing thing that you need to nurture daily. I will advocate for your marriage through images that help you focus on each other and remind you of what matters most! 

I'M HERE TO HELP YOU CELEBRATE YOUR Wedding as you begin your marriage

once-in-a-lifetime love

I'M McKenna!  a wife, Pineapple lover, Want to be health enthusiast, and friend

Hey, you!

WHY: I have always enjoyed doing photography as a hobby, it wasn't until I realized how awkward I feel in front of a camera that I had a desire to learn how to coach couples to look Natural, Flattering, and Gorgeous in their pictures.  Coaching is my favorite part of the entire process! I've never been much of a crowd person, but if you stick me with people I don't know, with the goal of helping them feel comfortable, beautiful, and confident in front of a camera - It clicks! It must be my red-head super power, because little introvert me is on fire! 

HOW: My new excitement for Photography and working with couples led me to the windy city of Chicago! In Illinois my husband Clayton and I, worked hard to save up enough money to upgrade to professional gear that cost's more than our car! My new camera equipment, along with several AMAZING photography courses helped me create a posing, shooting, and editing system that I have fallen in love with! 

NOW: My dreams have come true as I have been able to work with amazing people and create light, and airy images that embrace the love people have for each other. My first job is to be an advocate for Marriages as they are under attack in the world we live in now! Do you know that having Wedding pictures on the walls of your house  (and later family pictures) increases your marital satisfaction! Pictures are powerful. 

Christy Stout


St George, Utah



"McKenna Brassfield is phenomenal! My husband and I have had pictures done before and we always just feel so awkward and goofy …and it has shown. Working with McKenna eliminated our awkwardness! She was so good at coaching us and telling us how to pose and how to act in front of the camera. Every photo looks amazing! I am so pleased with my experience!!"


Victoria Rice


Rexburg, Idaho



"Both my husband and I haaaaaate being in front of a camera, but when we needed new photos, McKenna was the only photographer I felt comfortable with. She made us feel so natural. All the awkwardness we were afraid of melted away so quickly. She guided us through everything, and not only that; the photos turned out BEAUTIFUL."


Peter Grizzle


St Anthony, IDaho



"McKenna and Clayton are amazing! Out shoot was so much fun and super chill! We were laughing the whole time! We received a ton of pictures and they are gorgeous. We got the pictures back really quickly and even got a sneak peak the day after we took pictures! McKenna knew where the best shot would be! We love them!"


Kenadi Whitmil


Irwin, Idaho



"McKenna did an absolutely amazing job for out Anniversary shoot. It was everything we could have asked for and more! I was so excited to see the photos especially since they looked so amazing on her camera before they were even edited! We definitely will be hiring her in the future for all our family photos!"


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